Estimators 2023

Lecturer: Zsofia Lendek. TA: Zoltan Nagy.

About this course

This course concerns state estimation for control. It is part of the Bachelor of Science program of the Automation Department, UTCluj (4th year 2nd semester). As prerequisites, knowledge of linear algebra, system theory, and control design is needed, together with notions of Matlab programming. The responsible lecturer is Zsofia Lendek.


Completing all the project assignments is required before being admitted to the exam. At most two project sessions can be recovered at the end of the semester, which means that accumulating more than 3 missing assignments at any point in time during the semester leads to automatic ineligibility to take the exam. You can check your current status on the Microsoft Teams group. A template for the final report in .doc can be found here. A tex example is available here.


Below the schedule:

Image with schedule table

Lecture notes

The lecture notes will be made available below.

Practical classes

In the practical classes, a set of assignments must be solved. An exercise is completed when the method is implemented and the corresponding problem is solved. This must be done during class.

The implementation will be done in Matlab and Simulink. For a few basic comments, see this. The requirements for the practical classes are available below:

An example of a case study is available below:

  • Case study: a cascaded tanks system.


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